#HBW Update: Tasting PBX #1 Lentil Beer

In this previous post, Kyle describes his first-ever #HBW beer experiment for recreating the Armenian lentil beer described by Xenophon. As you may recall, BCS did a whole series on this beer (find all posts here under no. 2). Today, the experiment continues with my tasting notes of the OG Pseudo-Xenophon Beer (PBX #1) he brewed during his first trial. I’m exited to have been given the opportunity to take a sip of this blog’s history!

PBX #1 was brewed with malted barley, malted wheat, malted lentils and Fleischmann’s yeast using a the Brew In A Bag technique. Since this is not the technique described by Xenophon in the Anabasis, Kyle decided to call this beer the ‘Pseudo-Xenophon.’  He bottled this brew on August 30th 2016, with the addition of honey.

Tasting notes
Six months after bottling, on February 3rd 2017, I had the honor of tasting the PBX #1. The brew was barely carbonated and had a surprisingly clean and crisp flavor. The combination of tang and a little sweetness reminds of apple juice, but with a resiny twist. The beer may be best described as a crossover between an apple cider and retsina – the Greek resinated wine. Overall, this beer surprised me: not only did it not taste bad, it almost tasted good!



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