Homebrewing Ancient Beers

  1. Brew with an Acropolis View
  2. Recreating Xenophon’s Armenian Beer
    Xenophon Passage
    Germinating and Drying
    Brew Day (All Lentil Beer and Pseudo-Xenophon)
    Fermenting and Tasting
    Part 2: Grains/Pulses remaining in the Brew
    Part 2: Fermentation and Tasting
    Part 3: Spontaneous Fermentation (Brew Day)
    A New Fermentation Technique?
    Spontaneous Fermentation Check-in (3 weeks)
    Tasting Pseudo-Xenophon Beer (6 months later)
    Spontaneous Fermentation and Spent Grain/Pulses Inoculation Experiment
  3. Tiger Nut Beer
    Theophrastus Passage
    Brew Day
  4. Millet Beer
    Strabo Passage
    Brew Day
  5. Parabias (Barley, Millet, and Inula/Elecampane)
    Hecataeus Passage
    Pliny on Inula
    Historic Elecampane Beers
    Brew Day
    Konuza Pt. 1
    Konuza Pt. 2
    Konuza Pt. 3
  6. Emmer/Einkorn Beer (Brewing with Ancient Grains)
    Emmer in Antiquity
    Brewday #1 (emmer – unsuccessful)
    Emmer in Brewing
    Brewday #2 (einkorn – success!; emmer – unsuccessful)
    Einkorn Tasting
  7. Meadowsweet Beer
    Meadowsweet in Ancient Sources
    Meadowsweet in Archaeology
    Meadowsweet SMASH(erb) Brew Day
    Meadowsweet Tasting
  8. Heather Beer
    Heather in Ancient Sources
    Heather in Archaeology
    Heather SMASH(erb) Brew Day
    Heather Tasting
  9. Bog Myrtle Beer
    Bog Myrtle in Archaeology
    Bog Myrtle Pt. 2
    Bog Myrtle SMASH(erb) Brew Day
    Bog Myrtle Tasting