Einkorn Beer Tasting

Emmer/Einkorn Beer Overview
Emmer in Antiquity
Brewday #1 (emmer – unsuccessful)
Emmer in Brewing
Brewday #2 (einkorn – success!; emmer – unsuccessful)


It’s judgement day for our home-malted einkorn beer. The beer fermented for two weeks with a bread yeast and attenuated quite well. The final gravity was 0.999, resulting in a beer with nearly 3.5% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy straw-yellow.
Aroma: Virtually no aroma.
Mouthfeel: Slightly slick, but otherwise dry
Taste: Immediately, I tasted the two Warrior hop pellets that were added at fermentation (for preservation and taste). This quickly faded, leaving me to appreciate the bread-y einkorn malt flavor (once I was able to ignore the terrible yeast character). The einkorn did not taste typically grain-y or wheat-like, as I expected (it is a variety of wheat, after all). Instead, it offered a quite pleasant baked bread flavor, with hints of toasted nuts and whole grains.

Verdict: Would I make an all einkorn beer in the future? Certainly, but only if I crushing the grains was much easier. I would also use a proper brewing yeast and normal hop schedule to produce a beer that I could drink with pleasure (and alacrity, I’m sure). Based on the results of this experiment, I believe einkorn would not be unwanted in German- or British-style beers.

Experiment Results: Yes, einkorn can make beer. This was never in doubt, but it was certainly fun to know for certain. I would imagine, though, that the preparation of an einkorn beer in antiquity would have certainly been more labor intensive than it was for me with my modern equipment.



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