Classical Beer Review: Largum Dauw


Largum Dauw – label

Largum Dauw is described as a spring beer (‘lente bier’) by the brewers and as a ‘Maibock’ on Untappd. The beer indeed tastes like spring, with it’s hoppy, grassy and slightly herbal flavors that reminds one of being in a dewy pasture where a lamb – like the one on the beer art – is frolicking about with its siblings. In this sense, the name is befitting too, as ‘dauw’ means ‘dew’ in Dutch. Finally, the presence of Hercules and Magnum hops is a nice touch for a Classically-themed brewery!


Largum is the neuter of the Latin ‘largus.’ It can simply refer to ‘large’ but is more commonly used to mean ‘abundant,’ ‘copious’ or ‘bountiful.’ It appears that the brewers were going for this second meaning when they write (my translation): ‘[e]njoying a good beer is our motto and we like to grant others the same [enjoyment]! This we, therefore, carry out in our Latin name.’

33 cl
6.5% ABV
Ingredients: water, pilsner malt, Munich malt, amber malt, crystal malt, Hercules hops, Magnum hops, Centennial hops, yeast
Brewed by: Largum Bieren, Haarlem, The Netherlands


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