Classical Beer Review: In Peccatum Diabolus 2016

We already reviewed an In Peccatum beer in a previous post. As mentioned, it was only one of three beers I bought at my local beer store from this brewery at the time; today’s review features the second one, Diabolus 2016.

Label of Diabolus 2016

Diabolus is In Peccatum’s take on a Belgian Quad. It was aged in oak barrels for 12 months which gives the beer the unmistaken hints of oak flavor that are so popular these days. Only 850 bottles have been filled with last year’s vintage – we had number 430. Diabolus pours a little thin for the style but has tasty caramel and raisin notes. A nice touch is that the brew is said to be best before 06/06/2066. Get it?

Diabolus is the Latinized form of the ancient Greek διάβολος. The original meaning of the word is a slanderer, i.e. someone who talks bad about someone else and thereby harms their reputation.

In Greek translations of the Old Testament, the word was used to describe the Devil. In the original Hebrew, the Devil was called Satan, which functioned both as his name and as a descriptive noun, meaning ‘the accuser.’ In Greek, ‘accuser’ became ‘slanderer’ and Satan became Diabolos. Diabolos, in turn, became Latin Diabolus and old English Deoful (i.e. Devil). In modern English, ‘diabolus’ is still preserved in the word ‘diabolic.’

50 cl
13% ABV
Ingredients: Ourense water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast
Brewed by: In Peccatum Craft Beer, Ourense, Spain


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