Classical Beer Review: De Molen & Omnipollo Sitis

Wow, De Molen and Omnipollo doing an Imperial Pineapple IPA?! I figured this would be a match made in Heaven so I bought not one but two bottles at De Bierkoning in Amsterdam. The first I tried together with the other half of team BCS, while I had the second one a few weeks later by myself. So I guess this is sort of a semi-joint review.

The first bottle we tried within a week after the beer’s release. The beer was hazy and smelled very pineappley, which kind of let us hope for a juicy and thick mouthfeel like a New England IPA. Upon tasting, however, the beer was not so thick and juicy as one might expect from the smell and look. Sitis was also not as sweet as it smelled and finished with the bitter taste of citrus rinds. The piney hops chosen for the brew did not match the pineapple sweetness. Overall, we felt Sitis was not bad but we did expect a bit more from this dream-team of brewers.

Kyle advised me to try the second bottle a few weeks afterward to let the beer develop some more. This was a great advice! Upon my second tasting, the hop pellet sent came through like crazy and the pineapple smell had faded away. The hops were also more pronounced in the beer, which interestingly made for a juicier final product. Hop juice, that is, because the pineapple clearly took a back seat. Sadly, the pine and bitter rinds did not leave the beer completely, but Sitis really improved after a few weeks!

Sitis is the Latin word for ‘thirst.’ Its etymology can be traced to ancient Greek φθίσις (decrease, decline, decay, wasting away). As the beer certainly was a thirst-quencher that prevented us from dwindling in the Dutch summer heat, the name is aptly chosen!

33 ml
8.5% ABV
Ingredients: water, barley malt (pils), malt (oat, wheat), bitter hops (premiant), late hop (zeus, citra), dry hop (columbus, citra), cornflakes, pineapple, top fermenting yeast.
Brewed by: Omnipollo & Brouwerij De Molen, Bodengraven, The Netherlands


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