Classical Beer Review: Alvinne Sigma

A few weeks ago, team BCS went to the beer capital of the world: Brussels! We paid a visit to some very legit breweries, including Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen, and feasted at various awesome restaurants, including Fin de Siècle and Nuetnigenough. The latter also happened to have a great beer menu, where I finally sampled my first Alvinne beer: Sigma. 


Alvinne Sigma label


Sigma is a dark sour ale with a medium mouthfeel. It is brewed with Alvinne’s custom Morpheus yeast – which the brewer captured in the wild in the French Auvergne and cultivated over years by selecting specific strains. At some point, this yeast will need its own entry – because Morpheus too is Classically-themed!

For now, however, I will stick to the beer. Sigma tasted like coffee and roasted chocolate, sour cherry or maybe raspberry and blackberry. Basically, it is best described as a coffee/forest fruits cocktail. I thought it was a great combination and made for a well-balanced beer, but I imagine this beer is not for everyone.

After various iterations of Alpha/Alfa (here, here and here), a Thita, and a Zita we could not omit a Sigma from our Greek Alphabet series. Sigma is the Greek equivalent for our letter ‘S’. It has three versions: ‘Σ’ is the capital form, ‘σ’ the lower case at the beginning or middle of words, while ‘ς’  is the lower case at the end of a word.

As was the case for various of the Greek letters previously discussed, the Greek sigma originates from a Phoenician letter. The letter in question is the ‘shin,’ which resembles our ‘W’ but may have been the pictogram for ‘tooth’. When you turn the ‘shin’ on its side you get the sigma. Well, at least, the capital form. I should also add that the Sigma is used in math as the symbol for summation.

0.33 Liters
10% ABV
Ingredients: barley malt, aged hops, Morpheus yeast
Brewed by: Brouwerij Alvinne, Moen, Belgium


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