Classical Beer Review: Alfa Lentebok

The next up for review in the supermarket series (see here and here for earlier posts in the series) is Alfa Lentebok. Lentebok is the Dutch version of the better-known German Maibock, a strong pale hoppy lager. I am not very familiar with this style, so I went in without any preconceived notions of this beer’s taste.


The label of Alfa Lentebok.


Upon drinking, I immediately thought the beer tasted very much like a strong, herbal pilsner. In retrospect, this precisely is how a Lentebok is supposed to taste.  So,  presumably Alfa’s version is spot on! Besides the aforementioned taste associations, I also found the beer to be boozy, with a bitter, almost harsh finish. Honestly, Alfa Lentebok was not really my jam; to be fair, I have yet to examine whether this is due to a personal dislike of this particular rendition, or the style more in general. In any case, according to members of the Dutch Beer Geeks group on Facebook, Alfa has some very good beers and I am looking forward to trying some more when I go on another supermarket-beerrun!

Alfa, the Dutch spelling of the ancient Greek letter Alpha. What more is there to say about a letter we have already addressed twice in previous blog posts (here and here)? Not much, so let’s talk about the Dutch brewery that named itself after this letter instead! Alfa Brouwerij is a small, independent, family-owned brewery from the Dutch province of Limburg in the south. Their beers are made with 100% barley malts, hops and water from their own natural Alfa spring. All this is in accordance with the German Reinheitsgebot. The brewery bears the predicate ‘Hofleverancier’ (= purveyor of the royal household), which is a great honor that basically means that the Royal House of the Netherlands approves. If it’s good enough for my King, it’s good enough for me!

30 cl
6.5% ABV
Ingredients: 100% spring water, barley malt, hop
Brewed by: Alfa Brouwerij, Shinnen, The Netherlands


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