Classical Beer Review: Bacchus Frambozenbier

This is a post by regular contributor Kimberley, who runs the social media at BCS. Kimberley is currently writing up her PhD in Mediterranean Archaeology and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every once and a while, she will blog at BCS about all things beer and Classical in the Low Countries or – as I’d like to call it – ‘The Nether Regions’.

In a previous blog post I shared with you my thoughts on Bacchus Kriekenbier, an Old Brown with sour cherries by Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck. For this review, I will be looking at another Bacchus Old Brown, namely the variety with raspberries. Like the Kriek, Bacchus Frambozenbier is a protected regional product of West Flanders. It has a deep burgundy, almost dark pinkish color. The beer is characterized by a slight sweetness and reminds of cassis soda (black currant) at first but finishes with a clear raspberry flavor. Another solid fruit beer, aged in wine barrels, to honor the god of wine!

Bacchus Framobozenbier – Labels.

In my last review, I already presented some background information to the Roman god Bacchus and his Greek equivalent Dionysus. One aspect of the god I did not yet mention is the story of his birth. According to one version of the story, Dionysus is the son of Zeus by a mortal woman named Semele. Zeus’ jealous wife Hera visited Semele in disguise and managed to create doubt about whether Zeus was truly the father of her unborn child. She convinced Semele to ask Zeus to reveal himself in his true form, which ended up with Semele being burnt to death by the lightning bolts emanating from him. To save the unborn Dionysus, Zeus stitched him into his thigh until he was fully grown. In another version of the story, baby Dionysus was eaten by the Titans save for his heart, which Zeus again stitched into his thigh to recreate him. These strange stories recounting his birth earned Dionysus the reputation of being ‘dimetor’ (of two mothers) or ‘twice-born’.

0.375 Liter
5.0% ABV
Ingredients: water, wheat, barley malt, sugar, Stevia, raspberry juice, ascorbic acid
Brewed: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, Izegem, Belgium


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