HBW: Results! Tiger Nut Beer

The tiger nut beer fermented for a week and is now ready for consumption.

In this match, we have:

Tiger Nuts vs. No Tiger Nuts

Who will have the sweetest victory?


In the left corner, coming in at a svelte 1 ounce, we have Tiger Nuts. His opponent, the 1.1 ounce No Tiger Nuts, stands face-to-face with his opponent on the right.

The bell rings. The match begins.

The Tiger Nut beer is certainly sweeter. However, the beer took on a stale plastic aroma (can plastic even be stale?) that was very off-putting. No Tiger Nuts tastes like the standard, un-hopped, brew that I used as the control for most of the experiments. I would hope that the addition of hops or other adjuncts would neutralize that horrendous scent of the Tiger Nut. Otherwise, I would not use Tiger Nuts, again.

The Egyptians were certainly on to something. Does this mean the beer market will soon be flooded with Tiger Nut Stouts?



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