Classical Beer Review: Thita Classic Beer

This is a post by regular contributor Kimberley, who runs the social media at BCS. Kimberley is currently writing up her PhD in Mediterranean Archaeology and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every once and a while, she will blog at BCS about all things beer and Classical in the Low Countries or – as I’d like to call it – ‘The Nether Regions’.

Label of Thita Classic Beer by Thessaliki Zythopoiïa.

Recently, team BCS met up briefly in Athens, Greece for some conferencing and, of course, beer drinking. At our favorite beer bar in Exarchia square, we found beers by a brewery we had not encountered previously – Thessaliki Zythopoiïa. While Kyle took it upon himself to ignore these and go straight for the Norwegian Nøgne, I decided not to forsake the blog and try some of the Classically-themed brews that Thessaliki puts out. Once ordered, Kyle did help with the tasting so this can be regarded as somewhat of a joint review – though written up by yours truly. Today, we are reviewing Thita, which the company describes as their ‘Classic Beer’.  Thita is a sweet and flavorful Lager. With its wheat and fruit flavors and banana notes, the brew packs more flavor than, say, a Heineken and reminds more of the traditional German Lagers.

Thita or Theta is the eight letter of the Greek alphabet, the θ (lower case) or Θ (upper case). Thita is pronounced somewhat like Th and like several other letters in the Greek alphabet is derived from a Phoenician letter, Teth, meaning “wheel”. As in the case of the Aleph, you can see that the Teth actually looks like the word it symbolizes – a wheel! Consider your mind properly blown.

0.33 Liter
5.0% ABV
Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops
Brewed: Thessaliki Brewery Ltd., Chalandri, Greece


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