Vattus [
[[Victor ua.[]]]
[[ pretio caballi []]]
[[Exomnius ( centurio) (denarios) []]]
Atrectus cervesar[ius]
Ex pretio ferri (denarios)  i[
Pretio exungiae (denarios) xi asses () ii
Andecarus (denarios) vacat
Sanctus (denarios) vacat

Victor . . .
For the price of a horse
Exomnius the centurion, ?? denarii
Atrectus the brewer
For the price of iron, denarii??
For the price of pig lard, 11 denarii, 2 as
Andecarus, denarii??
Sanctus, denarii?

This is a selection from a two-page tablet connected in book form. It includes a list of prices (denarius/as) and weights.

Atrectus is the name of a brewer, “cervesarius.” From the Vindolanda tablet archive, we learn that Atrectus is a relatively common name from Gallia Belgica, aka Belgium. Delicious, delicious Belgian beer.

gallia belgica.png
Gallia Belgica

According to this tablet, the Roman soldiers were possibly drinking some tripels and dubbels to stay warm on the frontier. But, why does he need the iron and pig-lard? For brewing? Everyday life? Carnal pleasure? These are the types of questions that make these tablets so frustrating.

Author’s Note
Unknown (1st – 2nd c. CE)

Atrectus as Belgian:
Imagex: wikimedia commons

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