Classical Beer Review: Three Floyds Alpha King

On a recent road trip to Michigan, I made a point to stop at the Three Floyds brewpub. Much to my glee, Alpha King, an appropriately Classically-themed beer, was on sale (along with Zombie Dust and Gumballhead).

Alpha King pours a ruddy hue and held only a faint aroma of floral spice and orange. Up front, it packs a punch of pithy citrus and (am I crazy?) a hint of strawberry. The Omega to this Alpha of flavor (i.e. that back end) is of malty sweetness. I’m certainly happy that I bought 5 more of these!

Alpha. The first letter of the Greek alphabet and, thus, perhaps, the first letter. Would this make it the . . . king . . . of letters? The Greek “alpha” is derived from early Phoenician (big time traders whose bases were on the Lebanese/Syrian coast) consonant “aleph,” meaning ox. If you turn Alpha on its side, it even looks like an ox!

Alpha 3.jpg

Actually, this sideways view was the original Phoenician form. I would make a hearty wager that this is the coolest alphabet-related fact you learned all day.

0.33 L
Brewed: Three Floyd’s Brewery [Oct. 13, 2016]
Munster, Indiana




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