HBW #11: Spontaneous Fermentation Check-In

For a number of reasons, I have had trouble resupplying my base malts lately. As a result, I was unable to try to referment a barley/wheat/lentil wort using the wild yeast/trub/spent grains from the previous brew (as discussed earlier). As a result, I offer a quick check-in on the spontaneous brew.

Spon Ferm 2.jpg

There have been occasional mold issues over the past three weeks. Each time I lifted the lid, I scooped out the white, furry bits with a sanitized spoon. During the past week, however, chains of white geometric objects have appeared on the surface and the previously-sunken grains have again risen to the surface. I can’t tell if these white bits are erupted grains or some sort of bacteria.

I took a gravity reading today to reassure myself that fermentation certainly occurred. The lentil-grain wort went from OG 1.026 to 1.009. The beer tastes slightly sour and surprisingly “clean,” considering its wild-yeasty origins. No discernible funk. The sweet wort that I recognize from the pitched yeast fermentations shines through, giving a overall sour-apple flavor. With this being my first-ever spontaneous fermentation, I was somewhat terrified of the tasting. But, it was borderline pleasant.


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