BEER REVIEW: Septem Friday



A rather unremarkable pale ale with a lot of malty sweetness. According to the label, the expert blend of Saaz and Nelson Sauvin hops will remind the drinker of Sauvignon Blanc grape. Not getting it. It comes off as a rather pedestrian pale ale with the slightest whiff of tropical flavors. As a brief caveat: no bottle date was listed, so the loss of hop character could be due to an older brew.

In a previous post, we delved into the Greco-Roman mélange of Septem brewing. “Friday” is not Greek – only the beer is. In order to indulge the readers desiring daily tidbits about the ancient world, I offer this modest information:

Seven written in Roman Numerals is: VII
Seven written in Ancient Greek Numerals is: ζ or Π Ι Ι

0.33 Liter
4.7% ABV
Ingredients: water, malted grains, hops (saaz, nelson sauvin), yeast
Brewed: Mikrozythopoia Septem OE
Euboeia, Greece

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