HBW #9: Spontaneous Fermentation of Xenophon’s Armenian Lentil Beer

Xenophon Passage
Germinating and Drying
Brew Day (All Lentil Beer and Pseudo-Xenophon)
Fermenting and Tasting
Part 2: Grains/Pulses remaining in the Brew
Part 2: Fermentation and Tasting

This is the long-awaited returning of BCS’s recreation of Xenophon’s Armenian pulse beer. After successfully witnessing the unsuccessful fermentation of the pulses with pitched yeast, we are going to try our hand at using wild yeast, bacteria and other goodies found in the cool, Midwest air. Much thanks are owed to Thomas from Hungary for some valuable sources and pointers he sent ahead of time.

0.5 lb pale malt
0.3 lb wheat malt
0.2 lb malted lentils

This beer was boiled with grains still in the wort and left to cool, uncovered, on BCS’s sun porch. All the windows were open so that the air (and airborne critters!) could come through the screens and (hopefully) inoculate the wort. After 12 hours cooling in the fresh air, the wort/beer/ale was covered and stored in my cellar with an airlock.

OG: 1.026

Look forward to an upcoming BCS post with a new theory about ancient fermentation. This potential discovery was made by chance after the editor had a rare moment of insight.


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