Classical Beer Review: Empyrean Third Stone Brown


A refreshingly un-hoppy brown ale that is “smooth and easy drinking . . . with a hint of roasted flavor.” Indeed, Empyrean Brewing Co. Your claim that the ferment is “out of this universe,” however, is factually inaccurate. Astronomically speaking, “the third stone” is well within the solar system (and, thus, the universe). Regardless, this Earthy Brown is a solid, easy-drinking brew.

In this instance, the brewery name (rather than the beer itself) is Classically-themed. Empyrean is derived from the Latin empyreus, “in the fire,” an ancient Greek derivative. It was used in Medieval Christian texts to refer to the firmament and the light-rife, dwelling of God. With a name like this, one has . . . lofty . . . expectations for more of this brewery’s offerings.

12 fl oz.
5.3% ABV
Ingredients: water, 2-Row, Caramel 60, Midnight Wheat, Biscuit malt, Willamette hops
Brewed: Empyrean Brewing Co.
Lincoln, NE


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