Classical Beer Review: Gladjanus White IPA

Label Gladjanus White IPA by De Eeuwige Jeugd

This is a guest blog by Kimberley, who runs the social media at BCS. Kimberley is currently writing her PhD in Mediterranean Archaeology and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Occasionally, she will blog at BCS about all things beer and Classical in the Low Countries or – as I’d like to call it – ‘The Nether Regions’.

Gladjanus White IPA was launched about two months ago by one of Amsterdam’s latest additions to the craft beer scene: Brouwerij De Eeuwige Jeugd (Brewery the Eternal Youth). It has a color and haziness reminiscent of pineapple juice and is sweet in the nose. At first glance, this beer thus seems another example of the tropical IPA craze. Yet looks and smells can be deceiving, which is appropriate for a beer named Gladjanus (see below). There is no sweetness in the mouth, just bitter and tang. As a true witbier-IPA mutt, the beer tastes both wheaty and hoppy. Slight woody finish.

Like the label describes, Gladjanus means “a cunning, smart dude” in Dutch. The word is often assigned to the Amsterdam dialect, although its precise etymology is murky. The label speculates about a link with the Roman two-faced Janus, the god of beginnings and endings. Perhaps this is why the brew sports some seriously Classics-inspired beer art. Instead of Janus though, the label depicts the Farnese Hercules in a derby hat and trench coat. As a true hustler, he opens up his trench coat to reveal his contraband – presumably a bottle of Gladjanus beer.

0.33 Liter
4.6% ABV
Ingredients: Amsterdam tap water,  wheat and barley malt, hops, yeast
Brewed: Brouwerij De Eeuwige Jeugd, Amsterdam, Netherlands
(using installation of Brouwerij Troost, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


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