HBW #7: Recreating Xenophon’s Armenian Beer, The Return!

Xenophon Passage
Germinating and Drying
Brew Day (All Lentil Beer and Pseudo-Xenophon)
Fermenting and Tasting

During the last couple weeks, BCS worked on a preliminary recreation of a pulse-infused beer a la the fourth century BCE Armenians. Audience, gird your loins! I am still in the throes of lentil-beer brewing. Most immediately, I plan to redo the PXB (Pseudo-Xenophon Beer), but leave the grains/lentils in the wort/beer throughout the boil and fermentation. With this, I seek to determine any effect on the flavor or fermentation. After, I will try to collect wild yeast and other bacterial critters to inoculate a new wort (same recipe) in order to explore even further any possible contribution from the pulses  (thank you for the suggestion, Thomas from Hungary!)

PXBBottle 2.jpg
Bottled PXB

Before I launch into the brief recap of Brew Day #Two, I want to make the readers aware of the fate of the PXB from last month’s experiments. A sample was collected in three sanitized bottles and stored in my cellar. I added 1/2 tsp of honey to two of the three (I know, I know – they didn’t carbonate beer back then, but I wonder how it will taste!). I plan to let these sit for several weeks before tasting.


Back to the PXB#2:
The recipe is essentially the same as last week’s: 1 lb British Pale Malt, 0.45 lb Wheat Malt, 0.3 Lentil Malt. However, I crushed the lentils more thoroughly this time. The pulse-bill was mashed into 150 degrees F water. I then let the grains/pulses steep for 1 hour at 145 degrees F before boiling for 6 minutes. This yielded nearly 1.5 gallons of wort-pulse/grain mixture that I let cool to room temperature naturally before adding rehydrated baker’s yeast (Fleischmann’s). This brew day was made possible by the delicious homebrewed Saison that I made following the recipe from the real BCS (Zainasheff and Palmer 2007, Brewing Classic Styles).

PXB#2 OG = 1.043




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