Classical Beer Review: Voreia IPA

Voreia IPA2.jpg

Siris’s Voreia IPA offers a Big Fat Greek Wedding of American hops and “tree” Greek malts (obvi, a typo for “three”). It is an uninspiring, malty offering with the typical dank, grapefruit, and piney (or “conifer,” according to the label) flavor of a West Coast IPA. Unlike its Californian counterparts, however, the hops are quite muted with the sugary malt taking the front seat.


Voreia means “north” in Greek. The brewery is located in the far north of Greece. Get it?

Siris is a Mesopotamian goddess of beer and the daughter of the well-hymned Ninkasi. It is also a pun on the hometown of the brewery, Serres, that is pronounced similarly as “Siris.”

0.33 Liter
7.0% ABV
Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast
Brewed: Siris Microbrewery Co.
Serres-Drama, Greece



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