Classical Beer Review: Nissos Pilsner


The flavor of this beer is as inconsistent as their spelling of their own name . . . Nisos or Nissos? Is this a pilsner or a standard lager? It has the delightful malty biscuit of its German Helles friends, but a spicy hop flavor that is characteristic of its Bohemian counterparts. Still, this beer needs to Czech its alpha acids because the Nissos Pilsner is nowhere near as IBU-laden as the classic Budweiser. I certainly enjoy it, but the brewery’s claim that the taste of this beer – a brew inspired by a land-locked, Central European country – can evoke images of the sunny Med seems a bit far-fetched.


Nisos (or, Nissos?) is the Greek transliteration of the Greek word, Νησος, or island – an appropriate name for a beer brewed on the Cycladic island of Tinos.

Apparently, Nissos is going for broke on the island marketing: “NISSOS loves summer, afternoons, delectable food, cool shades, whitewashed chapels and dry stone walls. It is inspired by the accomplishments of men, the yield of the land, the olive trees, the light, the surf, the summer’s winds, the Halcyon days and the smell of spring.” First, no Oxford comma?!?!? Bold move, Nissos. As bold as your whitewashed chapels. Second, I am glad to hear that Nissos is taking the controversial position that both delectable foods and summer are enjoyable.

0.33 Liter
5.0% ABV
Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops
Brewed: Cyclades Microbrewery
Tinos, Greece

Featured Images
Nissos bottle and glass. Source: own work.
Nissos Logo. Source:

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  1. Tina Buijs says:

    When you come to volendam we would love to taste…


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