Classical Beer Review: Septem 8η Μερα

septem logo

This is a very refreshing addition to the burgeoning Greek IPA scene (or, is it Ι.Π.Α.?). The beer has a classic west coast aroma and hop flavor of pine, grapefruit, and dank hops. It has a nice bitterness that is balanced by the biscuit malt flavor. Probably, the best Greek Ι.Π.Α. I have had.


Truly, it is a boy’s dream when the powers of Greek and Latin combine in one beer. “Septem” is Latin for “seven” and “8η Μερα” Greek for “eighth day.” Each of Septem’s core beers represents a specific day of the week (get it?: “seven” days in a week). But, this new concoction butts in on the calendrical party and offers a holier-than-thou justification for its existence: “On the eighth day, God created beer.” Ok. . . but, this raises the question: why did He wait so long?!

0.33 Liter
7.0% ABV
Ingredients: water, malted grains, hops (mosaic, citra, and simcoe), yeast
Brewed: Mikrozythopoia Septem OE
Euboeia, Greece

Featured Images
Septem 8η Μερα bottle and glass. Source: own work.
Septem Logo. Source:


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