HBW #2: Αθηνα Stout Tasting

Athena Stout
Don’t judge the glass. It is all that I have in Athens!

This is a follow up on a earlier post describing my experiment in low-cost, low-equipment brewing in Athens. This beer was brewed with no scale, no hydrometer, no tubing, little temperature control, and a scorching hot closet for fermentation. Regardless, it was a great experience to brew with the Acropolis behind me for the whole session. Who says you can’t homebrew while traveling?


This is a very light stout with low carbonation (I eyeballed the priming sugar) and a very dark brown/ruby appearance. Although somewhat watery, it is a flavorful brew with notes of chocolate and coffee and the bitterness of the English hops balances the sweetness well. Downside: a slight metallic flavor (oxidation?) – perhaps from bottling the beer in old, plastic coke bottles or stirring the priming sugar into the beer.

Overall: Much work needs to be done. But, it was a great experience to mash with the Acropolis staring me down.

Featured Images
Glass with Αθηνα Stout. Source: own work.




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